Pay It Forward


How Can You Pay It Forward?

If we have helped and supported you, pass the kindness on.


You can work out how best you can do this. Our suggestions include:

  • supporting junior doctors (or senior colleagues)
  • helping to change the culture of hospitals or other organisations to make them kinder and fairer
  • oppose teaching by humiliation, adopt the attitude that if someone is keen to learn, then you are keen to teach
  • have compassion for your patients, provide best possible care regardless of a patient’s financial situation
  • this one is so obvious but is still worth saying – treat everyone equally regardless of their race / religion / sexual orientation
  • support charities that aim to make the world a better place – go in a fun run, stop drinking for a month to raise money, donate or support worthwhile causes
  • don’t put your head in the sand in regards to cruelty to animals – be aware that it happens and support charities that work to eliminate it, eg, Animals Australia