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The first and most important thing we would like to say is how incredibly proud we are of the amazing people who have attended our course. We have met so many different trainees. We have met the super-achievers who were always going to go well in the exam and wanted to fine-tune their skills (like Mikhaila, who not only did well in the OSCE, she won the medal!). We have met great registrars who were struggling with their preparation for the exam – some because they didn’t have any idea about what was required of them and others because the total amount of support that they received from colleagues at their hospital was non-existent. We’ve met people who have failed the exam (some more than once) and we have been so proud and humbled after they have contacted us to tell us that they have now passed and to thank us for our support. Obviously we can’t guarantee that you’ll pass if you do our course, but we can assure you that we’ll really try to get you over the line.

The other very important thing that we want you to know is that we’re genuinely on your side. We literally spend hours analyzing the feedback from people who have just completed the course or just sat the exam, and talking about how we can improve it and help people even more.

Who Is Academia Medical?

Here’s some background about us…

Academia Medical was created out of a desire to help registrars, from both city and country areas, to achieve the best possible results in the OSCE, in a supportive non-critical environment. The first Academia Medical Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) intensive preparation course was held in February 2015 and received average registrar feedback of 9.5 out of 10.

Since then, we have held OSCE preparation courses every six months. Every time we have run a course, we have endeavoured to make it better, more relevant and more helpful to registrars attending.

So who are we? Assoc Prof Louis Izzo leads Academia Medical and is the Head of the O&G Department of Canterbury Hospital. He is beloved by generations of registrars. He has always focused on education and over the years has spent literally hundreds of hours helping registrars get through the OSCE. Dr Rachael Rodgers is one of the registrars that Louis coached for her OSCE, and now she’s his right hand man.

But Academia Medical would be nothing if it wasn’t for the fantastic support we have received from amazing people, and we would like to publicly acknowledge them and express our gratitude. They include, but are not limited to, the following… Prof Jason Abbott, Dr Natasha Andreadis, Dr Tim Anstiss, Dr Paul Atkinson, Dr Andrew Bisits, Dr Bianca Bryce, Dr Jason Chow, Dr Chris Griffin, Dr David Kowalski, Dr Surya Krishnan, Dr Benedict Krupowicz, Dr Mikhaila Lazanyi, Dr Joanne Ludlow, Dr Tracey Lutz, Dr Adam Mackie, Dr Lalla McCormack, Dr Brooke O’Brien, Dr James Postle, Dr Phillipa Ramsay, Lily Rodgers, Assoc Prof Trevor Tejada-Berge and Jose Torrealba.

The Intensive OSCE Preparation Course

Exam technique is critical in the OSCE. Our intensive course is designed to teach you how to approach this confronting exam, and translate the knowledge that you used to pass your written exam and the clinical skills and judgement that you have obtained through hard work, into a great OSCE result.

We cover the following topics:

  • gynaecology, infertility, paeds/adolescent gynaecology, high-risk obstetrics, surgical complications (part of our lecture series)
  • maternal resuscitation, neonatal resuscitation, breech vaginal delivery, surgical obstetrics including b-lynch suture placement (some of these are lectures, some are hands on demonstrations and the b-lynch suture teaching is our fun art-and-craft session!)
  • general O&G OSCE station practice
  • prioritization station practice
  • counselling station practice (with professional actors, always one of our most popular sessions)

Feedback from Registrars who have attended the course

“Passed the OSCE!

Can I just say as an IMG and a trainee in regional Aust (Townsville). I had no realistic expectation of getting through this exam in the first attempt, especially after hearing of the mostly disastrous results in May 2016.

I owe your course a lot of credit for helping me get some critical concepts of how to prepare for this exam. I could not have done without it. “


“Thanks a ton.

All three of us from NZ who attended your course passed as well as four others in my study group who benefitted from the know how we gained at your course.

I have already recommended your course as a must do to the next lot sitting the exam in May. Thanks a lot again and please keep going with your awesome course.

The Urogyn / fertility / communication stations were all very similar to the course cases. We got a Swyers which was pretty similar to the one at the course.”


“Thank you for organising this course! I got a lot out of it and it will definitely help me prepare in the coming weeks! Just the kickstart I needed. I would attend again if I don’t pass – but hopefully that doesn’t happen!!”


“Cheers guys, you were incredible!”


Due to lots of people feeding back to us that they wanted more topics to be covered in the lectures as well as more time practising OSCE stations, we have extended our previous two day OSCE preparation course into a three day course.

The next course will be held on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2019.

Friday 19th July will consist primarily of lectures and will be held at Bondi (The Blue Room, Upper Level, Bondi Surf Bathers, Live Saving Club, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi NSW 2026 – parking is available nearby at relatively low cost).

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July will consist of a few lectures, some hands-on demonstration sessions and lots of OSCE practice. It will be held at Concord Medical Education Centre, which is located in Concord (Sydney).

We highly recommend you attend for all three days, however we do understand that it may be difficult for some people to get away from their hospital on the Friday to attend the course. Therefore you can register for either all three days or just for the Saturday and Sunday. The courses are held at two different venues as we require different facilities for the different days (Friday at Bondi; Sat & Sun at Concord Medical Education Centre).



To register your interest complete our online form and we’ll be in touch



To register your interest complete our online form and we’ll be in touch